Mustangs looking for a new home

They fascinate people worldwide. Mustangs are protected in North America. But you can adopt one. And now gets $ 1,000 in support. Because there is not enough space for the free-living horses.

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Meeting Monty Roberts

"Horse whisperer" - the film starring Robert Redford probably saw most horse lovers. The term, however, was coined by another: The American Monty Roberts. He is known all over the world and anyone who has ever seen a show of his may see…

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Horses as living lawnmowers

Where do you see horses in the great outdoors? In the Netherlands, they exist in various places: As living lawnmowers, so to speak. For example, in the south of the country in the province of Zeeland. On smaller islands live semi-wild horses, which together…

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Meeting Totilas

A horse as narrow as painted. Anyone who has ever seen Totilas will probably not forget the sight. This horse can only be seen by a neckline. I liked to watch him on the edge of the departure point. Because you don't get that close to a horse in the test.

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